Sunday, September 2, 2007

Muscogee Creek Nation

This is the Muscogee Creek Nation website that covers national native news including voters registration and voting, citizenship, the contitution, and much more...

Sharing part of my native history

Sharing part of my Muscogee Creek Native American Heritage. This is our Chief A.D. Ellis.Tulsa World

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Exercise 23

1. My favorite discoveries and exercises were flikr, youtube, and library thing.
2. I found or discovered while in this process that there is so much that I don't know and need to learn. As a librarian one must keep up with the fast moving pace of life long learning in order to meet the needs of the general public. Just when I think I got it, I have new information and technologies to remind me that I don't have it. Life Long Learning is just as it says, Learning continues as long as you are living.
3. Yes, I always wondered why or how pictures, music, and videos were uploaded on the internet. I had know idea that it is fast and easy in most cases. Also, what's so surprising is the vast amount of informational technology that takes place everyday.
4. I think that what you could do differently to improve this program's format is to use this tool as a Life Long Learning project by giving staff time to work on this consistently. You cannot practice Life Long Learning techniques in a few weeks, nor can you practice them in a few month, years, as it implies, it takes a life time to "LEARN".
5. Without a doubt, I would definitely participate. This program has opened up new and adventurous venues for me. I feel refreshed from the everyday same old thing syndrome. I would like to continue my quest into the unknown...

Exercise 22

SJLibrary's ebooks are electronic books that can be read online, listened to (audio books), or downloaded. You have to be a San Jose Public Library card holder to access the SJLibrary's ebooks. You also have to have a password to access SJ ebooks. There are two sets of ebooks for the San Jose Martin Luther King Jr. Library, one for the university which is passworded for university students, faculty, and staff, the other is for the San Jose general public which is also passworded. Both options are free of charge. The ebooks from the gutenberg Project is free also with the exception to if you subscribe it costs 8.95 or so. If someone has access to a ebook, you have to wait until they are logged out before you can access the same book.

Exercise 21

I did find the yahoo podcast as a very useful tool. Not only can I keep up on library related discussions and news but I also can create my own radio station and create a music library. I found this very interesting. I am in awe with the many tools to keep one up on the latest information. Navigating through this process was at times overwhelming. So many things to choose from, so much information to read through. This is definately an on going process.

Exercise 20

I thought this was facinating. It's amazing how technology moves forward. Ten years ago this would not have been possible. Movies on your computer...Who would have thought it was possible. Not only is it easily accesible, but it is relatively easy to create an account in youtube and watch videos of your choosing.

The reason I chose this clip is that I worked with these guys when I was in Hollywood. I played a bartender in Mario Van Peebles movie "Street Wars". I met George Jackson when he was Producing New Jack City.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Exercise 19 (cont.)

I thought Library Thing was the coolest yet. I found that others were reading my books. It's a very good way of keeping track of what you are reading. It's like having your own library. How long has this been around? I like the way you can rate your books as well as get information on what others thought of your books. This is also a great way of sharing books. You can also suggest readings to others. I will definitely go back to this site and explore some more.